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Signals Defense RF Window Film: An Innovative Solution for Data and Privacy Protection

Keeping confidential information safe and secure is crucial for any business or entity that regularly handles it. And while many businesses focus on physical and cyber security to keep this important information from falling into the wrong hands, many don’t focus enough on electronic eavesdropping. However, the consequences of not taking this threat seriously can be devastating.

In this blog, we’ll talk about one solution for minimizing the risk of electronic eavesdropping and electronic data theft: RF window films. And beyond enhancing digital security, these films have some other notable benefits as well. Read on to learn more about how Signals Defense RF window films are an innovative solution for data and privacy protection:

Understanding the Role of Signals Defense RF Window Film in Data and Privacy Protection

Electronic eavesdropping occurs when infrared (IR), radio (RF) or electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) extend beyond the walls of any building. Phones, speakers, internet routers, headsets, Bluetooth devices, computers and other electronics all rely on frequencies to send and receive information. The problem is that sometimes these signals extend beyond the buildings they’re operating in – and if a third party is “listening in” on these signals, they could infiltrate data systems and access this sensitive information.

electronic eavesdropping

That’s where RF window films enter the picture. Windows happen to be a key area where these signals escape from buildings. RF window films are designed to contain signals to a specific space, reducing the risk of any electronic eavesdropping and electronic data theft. They also offer various other benefits, which we’ll cover in the next section.

Features and Benefits of Signals Defense RF Window Film

RF window films don’t just contain signals to a specific space, but they can also reject any incoming outside RF or IR signals that could cause interference. The features and benefits vary based on the film that you select, but some of the other features and benefits of RF window film include:

  • Blast protection.
  • Reduction of UV and solar emissions, while improving a building’s energy performance.
  • Films are optically clear.
  • Films are installed on the inside of a building’s window and can be removed if necessary.
  • Films can be laminated between glass and/or poly carbonate.
  • Signals Defense RF films are designed to meet stringent U.S. intelligence community standards.

Applications of Signals Defense RF Window Film in Government and Commercial Settings

RF window films are applicable just about anywhere there’s sensitive data that needs to be protected. And government buildings are one such setting that needs to safeguard this information, some of which may be highly classified. We’ll get into more of this in the next section.

Examples of settings for RF window film, both in government and commercial environments, may include:
  • Federal and State Buildings
  • Guard or security booths
  • Corporate offices
  • Law offices
  • Medical offices
  • Law Enforcement
DAS Shield by Signals Defense

Enhancing Security in SCIFs with Signals Defense RF Window Film

Window films may not just be used on exterior-facing windows, but on interior ones as well. One such example is the SCIF, or sensitive compartmented information facility. SCIFs are essentially data centers or rooms where classified information is stored and/or discussed – and window films are ideal for providing an extra layer of protection from electronic data theft in such environments.

If your office has a room where sensitive information is stored, do you know just how secure this environment is? Even locks and access control systems don’t make such environments immune from electronic eavesdropping. RF window film from Signals Defense has been purposefully engineered to meet even the most stringent U.S. intelligence community security requirements for facilities handling classified information.

Realizing the Value of Signals Defense RF Window Film: Case Studies and Success Stories

A mission-critical business that outfits every exterior window to completely secure its facility and optimize its technical security. A SCIF that’s now extra secure thanks to the addition of RF window films. These are real stories from real Signals Defense customers. Learn more about how RF window film can help keep your facility even more secure.  Case Study: RF/IR Film Completes Fully Shielded Building Envelope

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