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One of the best ways to deter data thieves from targeting a SCIF is to make it look inconspicuous like the average building or corporate office. RF paints, like EmCOAT provide a SCIF’s interior and exterior the conductive coating necessary for electromagnetic shielding for data security purposes.

EMCoat RF blocking paint is an electrically-conductive paint for the protection against high-frequency (HF) radiation and low-frequency (LF) electric fields. These conductive paints are multipurpose for shielding wireless networks, secure communications and data security. Its shielding properties also remain intact even if over-coated with other finishes.

EMCoat’s electromagnetic or EMF shielding paint can:

  • Provide an additional layer of protection against external electromagnetic threats. 

  • Keep internal RF/IR signals contained within the physical boundaries of the SCIF

Mitigating RF/IR Attenuation Without Drawing Attention

Visible foil barriers draw the attention of digital snoops and hackers looking for confidential data they can exploit. Instead of forgoing RF shielding completely, use EMCoat’s RF blocking paint instead. As an EMF shielding paint, it is a good alternative for foil sheets as it can block RF/IF intrusions and threats.

RF paints are ideal for a variety of surfaces and are easily applied on new or retrofitted office space. EMCoat provides a wide range of broadband shielding for electromagnetic protection in conference rooms, data centers, sensitive medical device rooms, and any area where signal control is a concern.

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