Casper cloaking window film technology is an architectural film for glass walls and office windows.  It provides an invisible layer that obscures digital screens to the outside view.  Acting as a smart shield to ensure data privacy, masking films provide the peace of mind to collaborate freely in any environment.  This is a breakthrough that allows for creative space design in the modern networked world; allowing for privacy in open office environments. This unique window film is ideal for government agencies, corporate offices, and healthcare facilities.  Providing visual privacy and protecting sensitive information from anyone who isn’t supposed to see it.

Casper cloaking film is intended for large >40″ LED and LCD screens and can be used with other privacy films and decorative films. You have to see it to believe it.

In business, collaboration is everything – but creating the right balance between openness and privacy is a challenge


How it Casper works:

  • It selectively masks light transmitted from LED displays
  • From outside the office or room, everything is visible except the content on the screens
  • It provides an invisible layer that balances openness and privacy in the workspace

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