Signals Defense Product Catalog

Download a copy of the Signals Defense Product Catalog.  Our catalog contains information on our best selling SD window films: SD2500, SD2510, SD1000, SD1010, SD500.  In additon to our window films, the catalog includes information on specialty RF and IR shielding products: foils and tapes, RF paints, RF wallpaper, and RF caulk, safety and security window fim, solar window film, decorative films, glass and polycarbonate laminates, and window treatments.

Building Shielding Experts

Thank you for considering Signals Defense for your building shielding needs. We are thrilled to share our product catalog for your reference.  We have continued to expand our product line to cover all of your shielding requirements.

Our Catalog includeS product details on: 

  • Window Films
  • Foils and Tapes
  • RF Paints. Wallpaper, and Caulk
  • Safety and Security Films
  • Solar Control Window Films
  • Decorative/Enhancement Films
  • Glass/Poly Laminates
  • Roller Shades and Louver Blinds
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