Choosing the right RF/IR window shielding


A mission-critical customer specified the SD2500 RF/IR film for all exterior windows in their new office facility.  The building is owned by a private property owner or developer and had signed a long-term lease with a tenant who requires a secure facility to conduct their mission.      


The SD2500 film has become the de-facto standard for this US Intelligence customer for windows located within a secure facility.  Other architectural shielding countermeasures had been designed into both the exterior skin of the building and interior partitions.  The SD2500 film provides the high level of RF attenuation and IR rejection on the glass, bringing the glass to a commensurate level with the rest of the building skin.  Previous solutions for RF/IR protection on the glass included solid barriers (walls), wire-mesh glass, or standard commodity films or glass that do not provide consistent high levels of attenuation.  These solutions also impacted the visual quality of the window.

The film also allows over 50% light transmission as designed, in order to permit the light levels needed for the occupants.  This high light transmission, paired with low reflectivity, minimizes the impact on the exterior appearance of the glass.  Also having low absorption, the film is generally applicable to most commercial glass configurations including laminated glass.

Signals Defense Window Solutions


Significant benefits now include:

  • The customer passed their accreditation evaluation for emission or technical security.
  • The customer received a consistent, high quality, RF/IR window shielding product that was specifically designed to meet the security intent per the customer’s requirements.
  • The occupants continue to have high light transmission in their space, yet have the security necessary to operate their mission.
  • The windows have highly improved energy performance.
  • Due to the lease requirements, the property owner also has the ability to remove the film should the tenant vacate the building.
  • Removal and replacement is very efficient should the film be physically damaged.
  • The occupants and their equipment working within the facility have been shielded from any unnecessary RF energy from the outside.
  • Should the customer decide to operate any intentional wireless devices, their system can be engineered and implemented more efficiently, knowing this internal/private system will experience significantly less RF interference from the outside.



Signals Defense SD2500 film has been the proven gold standard for the US Government’s and Contractor’s facilities for nearly 15 years, with work having been completed on over 1,800 projects.  The project described above represents hundreds of typical new-construction and tenant fit-out projects, all of which experienced the various benefits of SD Technology.