rFoil™ Aluminum Foil Tape

rFoil Tapes are made of a special UV metalized polypropylene film, with a high tack acrylic adhesive. These tapes can help maintain a complete seal in radiant barrier systems and are resistant to moisture, flames, and smoke generation. High-temperature resistance makes rFoil Tapes ideal for use in heat repelling applications.

Applications of rFoil™ ‘Aluminum Foil’ Tape:

  • Mobile SCIFs
  • SCIF rooms like conference rooms, IT centers, storage rooms, and physical vaults
  • Buildings and corporate offices
  • Residences and home office

Installing  rFoil™ tape where the edges meet will ensure the foil is seamless throughout.


The tape is also helpful for repairing holes or rips in rFoil™.  We recommend overlaying the torn portion with a fresh sheet of  rFoil™ with at least a six-inch overlap and secured in place with the rFoil™ aluminum tape.

  • Roll Sizes:   2″ x 150′   |   3″ x 150′   

3M 1170 Conductive Adhesive Tape

3M 1170 Tape consists of 1 oz rolled aluminum foil backing and an electrically conductive, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It has excellent solder ability and ensures seamless protection against intentional and accidental RF/IR interference.

Uses and Applications

The electrically conductive 3M tape applications are similar to the rFoil™ Aluminum Foil Tape:

  • It is used to create a seamless barrier where edges of two or more RF foils meet. 
  • It holds in place the rFoil™ patches used to cover holes in the foil barrier.
  • If the rip in the barrier is tiny enough, the tape may be enough to patch the damage.

Thanks to its excellent conductivity and RF/IR attenuation properties, the 3M tape is ideal for SCIF applications, grounding and EMI/RFI shielding in rooms, equipment, and other electrical components.  


Why Choose 3M RF Foil Tape Over Standard Metalized Tape?

The advantage of 3M conductive adhesive tape is its absolute conductivity. Standard-issue metal tapes are only conductive on the surface, whereas 3M 1170 allows continuous current flow from the top of the tape down to the adhesive.


  • Roll Sizes:   2″ x 54′   |   3″ x 54′   |   4″ x 54′


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