Signals Defense has announced they are an authorized distributor of the rFoil Ultra NT Radiant Barrier Foil for architectural RF (radio frequency) shielding for buildings and SCIFs (Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility). The Ultra NT Radiant Barrier is the premium foil used in the construction and protection of SCIFs and secure work environments. The Ultra NT Radiant Barrier is a natural complement to the RF attenuating film and paint used to secure a facility. The rFoil also provides a highly reflective heat and vapor barrier designed to help existing fiber insulation hold heat and lower energy consumption.

Signals Defense is the leader in providing Architectural RF Shielding for building solutions for the US Government and Fortune 500 companies. The official addition of the Ultra NT Radiant Barrier product to the Signals Defense product line is a natural fit to their portfolio of RF attenuating products designed to protect Government SCIFs, boardrooms, data centers, or any facility processing sensitive information or holding confidential conversations.

The Ultra NT Radiant Barrier for SCIFs has exceptional shielding performance and is a highly effective radiant and vapor barrier for improved energy performance of your facility’s shell structure.

Signals Defense’s approach to providing the top of the line performing shielding products and their in-house shielding experts and installers make them the natural choice of the US Intelligence Community and Commercial Enterprises concerned about protecting people, intellectual property and sensitive data.

About Signals Defense, LLC

Signals Defense, LLC began operations in Owings Mills, Maryland in 1999. With the introduction of an innovative optically clear window film technology that provides high RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (Infrared) attenuation for RF Shielding and Thermal Imaging Defense purposes.

Signals Defense patented window technology has been engineered to meet stringent US Intelligence community security requirements for facilities handling classified information. Our technology is the standard for the US Government and for organizations desiring to properly secure locations handling sensitive and/or classified information. Signals Defense window films meet the TEMPEST requirement for the Intelligence Community Directive ICD 705 and the DoD Infrared and Radio Frequency Emanation Protection Standards.

SD Technology has been deployed on over 1,300 locations providing our clients (including Government Intelligence agencies, DOD, and Fortune 100 companies) with US DoD strength emission security systems. SD Technology also provides safety and energy benefits to our clients with UV and glass fragmentation/spall control window films and SD glass and polycarbonate security products.

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