If you have kids and they’ve ever left crayons in the back seat of the car on a hot summer’s day, you have had an involuntary crash course on the power of the sun. Yet even without adding a substance with such a low melting point as a crayon to the mix, the sun can easily damage
your car’s upholstery or that of any furniture in your house or office if directly exposed to the sun. Just take a look at the damage done to the paint of any car parked outside for a year or two and you’ll get a good idea of how powerful the sun can be — certainly the upholstery or leather on your favorite couch or easy chair doesn’t stand a chance. In any office building, hotel, or restaurant, the sun can damage carpetting, furniture, and even walls! Particularly for those of us who live south of the Mason-Dixon line, the sun’s power is to be taken extremely seriously.

Thankfully, Signals Defense, the company that provides ballistic glass, high-tech window films to stop cyber criminals from access your data networks, and other products, also provides solar window film and low E film to minimize the damage the sun will do to your car, your house, or your office. “Low E” stands for low emission, which means it reduces solar heat gain, or how hot the inside of your car, house, or office gets from the sun. In short, Signals Defense solar window film technology can not only prevent sun damage but also will dramatically reduce your air conditioning bill when the sun is shining bright through your windows. The same technology will also prevent heat loss during the winter months, so your heating bills will also be reduced.

With summer coming up, now is the perfect time to call Signals Defense to evaluate the best protection for you against solar heat gain, sun damage, and wintertime heat loss for your home, office, or even your car. The knowledgeable sales consultants at Signals Defense can help you choose from a wide variety of visually pleasing solar control films.

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