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Espionage is the act of accessing classified information or intellectual property for political or economic gain, or to gain a competitive advantage over a rival entity. Often carried out against a business or government, espionage attacks can lead to significant financial loss, reputational harm and political posturing.

In today’s dog-eat-dog business and global political climate, the threat of an espionage attack is more significant than you might think – and the steps entities take to prevent such activity shouldn’t be ignored. Cyber spies often target government facilities, R&D centers, commercial buildings and academic institutions in an attempt to uncover formulas or blueprints, classified research, customer information, salary information, and military intelligence, among others.

Signals Defense offers solutions to prevent cyber spies from accessing and making off with such information. One of the most effective solutions businesses and entities can administer is our RF/IR window films. Read on to learn more about the benefits of RF/IR film protection and contact us today for more information.

Preventing Corporate Eavesdropping with Window Films

One of the ways cyber spies gain access to confidential data is via infrared (IR), radio (RF) or electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Common office devices like phones, speakers, computers, routers, access control systems and headphones all send and receive information via these frequencies. In a perfect world, these frequencies don’t extend beyond the walls of the building where the work is being done. However, that’s not the case without the right preventative measures. If such signals are emitted outside the building and the wrong people are listening in, they can use said frequencies to gain access to systems. One of the prime areas where these signals tend to escape is through the windows.

RF/IR window films can help. Designed to be applied right onto the surface of the window, Signals Defense offers several types of window film to prevent electronic eavesdropping by helping ensure that any frequencies are contained to the specific building they’re coming from. Our films are purpose-built to meet the most stringent intelligence security requirements for safeguarding classified information and are commonly used in government and commercial facilities and in SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) rooms.

Key Benefits of RF/IR Window Film Protection

Signals Defense offers several different types of RF/IR window film protection, which can be easily installed on both exterior-facing windows and any interior windows (i.e., SCIFs, IT rooms, etc.). These films are applied right to the surface of the window and have little impact on the overall aesthetic of the environment. All Signals Defense films are designed to help prevent electronic eavesdropping, but there are other value-added benefits that come with many of the films as well.

For example, the SD2510 and SD1010 films are 10 mils thick (up from the 2 mil thickness of standard films) and have a built-in safety film layer that offers fragmentation control and blast protection in the event of a physical breach.

Other benefits of window film protection include:

  • Reduced UV and solar emissions to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Good visual light transmission.

Additionally, window films can be paired with other solutions to further enhance a building’s security and prevent cyber espionage attacks. In addition to RFfilm, Signals Defense also offers specialty window treatments, RF shielding paints, RF shielding caulk and RF shielding foils to keep buildings secure.

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From federal and state buildings to law enforcement offices and commercial businesses, window films help prevent cyber espionage and electronic eavesdropping. For more information on window films and prevention techniques and tools, contact Signals Defense today.