window shades and film to maximize privacy and safety

Safeguarding a business or organization from data theft via its radio (RF), infrared (IR), and electromagnetic (EMF) frequencies is important, but do you know how to do it and where to start? Window films are a great way to secure locations and prevent RF interference, but there are several different types of films to select from. Curious about the different types of films and which ones work best for your office?

In this post, we’ll discuss how to select the right RF/IR window film for your building. Here’s a closer look at some common scenarios and the type of window film that would best suit these respective environments:

Reduce RF/IR interference and secure locations from electronic eavesdropping and digital theft:

Some office buildings simply just need window films to help with any IR and RF shielding requirements, whether they’re required to meet client or government standards or just looking to safeguard data or confidential information from electronic eavesdropping or digital theft. All electronic devices in an office (i.e., phones, computers, recorders, routers, etc.) emit frequencies. And if these frequencies emit beyond the intended environment, they could be picked up by any type of third party, and systems may be infiltrated. RF/IR window films help contain such frequencies in a specific office environment, preventing signals from extended reach. Furthermore, RF/IR films help reject any signals that could be coming in from the outside and interfere with internal office equipment.

RF/IR window films aren’t just ideal for exterior windows, but interior ones as well. SCIFs, or sensitive compartmented information facilities, are internal offices within an existing building where either classified or sensitive information is typically shared. Films may be placed on windows to ensure that any information shared or discussed doesn’t leave the confines of that particular space.

Signal Defense’s SD2500/SD2510 film is an example of a surface-applied RF window film that accomplishes this. This film also provides IR protection.

Improve physical security, including protection from blasts and forced entry:

Certain types of window films don’t just protect a business or entity from digital theft but from physical entry as well. For instance, Signal Defense’s SD2510 is a 10-mil-thick window film that combines RF/IR attenuation and a safety film layer for blast protection. The SD1010 is a similar type of film that offers blast protection and a clear safety layer. These films with safety properties work to contain any glass upon impact. That is, instead of the glass shattering, it remains contained, thereby delaying any type of forced entry.

These safety films are ideal for any buildings that are at a greater risk of forced entry or natural disasters that could damage windows or other property. Some examples include high-end retail environments, government properties, school buildings, and more.

Improve office comfort and improve energy savings:

Signals Defense also carries various solar films from reputable manufacturers including 3M, Llumar and Solyx. These films are designed to protect an office environment from the effects of the sun’s rays, which could lead to excessive glare on computer screens, premature fading of furniture or carpeting, and more. Solar films help to filter the solar spectrum, and this doesn’t just make for a more comfortable environment for workers, but it can also help a firm save on its energy costs. Solar films can help reduce heat gain and energy consumption and limit strain on HVAC systems. They’re often used to help a facility earn LEED credits as well.

Enhance office aesthetic:

Finally, some window films are designed to be decorative. These self-adhesive films are available in various shades and can even be custom-made. They’re typically installed when a business is serious about building its brand a certain way or just wants a certain design aesthetic within its property. Signals Defense carries a variety of decorative film solutions from leading brands that include Llumar, 3M and Solyx.

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