If you’ve ever watched a crime show, then surely you’ve seen interrogation scenes that depict police officers questioning suspects in special rooms inside headquarters. These rooms usually consist of what seems like one-way mirrors, so that other officers and detectives can look in on the interrogation, unbeknown to the suspect that’s being questioned. Occasionally, you might have a suspect wise up to the situation and tell officers how he or she knows there are others watching beyond the mirror.

It makes for good television, and it’s not inaccurate from rooms that actually exist in police buildings, but the fact is that the “mirror” that police are looking in on suspects through isn’t really a mirror at all — it’s actually a window. And it appears this way thanks to a combination of the right glass coating and lighting.

The Secret Behind One-Way Mirror

To bust this myth, one-way mirrors aren’t really mirrors at all. Instead, they’re just insulated windows with a highly reflective coating or window film, combined with altered room lighting. Essentially, here’s what happens: The glass is made to be reflective on one side, then brightly lighting one side of the glass, and darkening the other side of it. People on the side of the glass that’s well lit will see nothing but their reflection due to this ambient light differential. But people on the darkened side will be able to see through it to the other side because there’s a lack of light that’s allowed to transmit through the glass material. This allows the likes of law enforcement, office management, CEOs and anyone else to study, spy, or remain anonymous on the darkened of the glass.

Now if the darkened room suddenly became very bright or if the well-lit room became darker, then the “mirror” effect would cease to exist and it would operate as a window.

Do Truly 100% One-Way Mirrors/Windows Exist?

No, these mirrors don’t exist, as they would defy the laws of physics. As mentioned, this effect is achieved with the right lighting and reflective glass coatings.

Can Window Films Help Create a One-Way Mirror Effect?

Yes, actually they can help add a nice touch to any office or building that wants to depict a one-way mirror type of look for one reason or another. Perhaps you want to create this effect in an interview room so that more people can “sit in” on interviews without intimidating the candidate, even if they don’t appear visible to the candidate. Or you just wish to increase the overall visual privacy of your office from the outside.  Research labs and medical facilities are other common settings. Window films can help complement lighting arrangements to better create this type of effect, as the likes of aluminum or other thin metals can help accentuate this when applied to the window.

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