Are the following situations all too familiar to you in your office setting? During the morning meeting half of the room can’t see because the sun is creating a glare on their computer screens. At lunchtime the board room presentation is interrupted as you constantly adjust the brightness on the projection to combat the sun’s light. While the sunset is beautiful, you are forced to work in yet another position as the office is flooded with a bright light. Throughout the day different employees complain that the glare is making it hard for them to see, giving them a headache, or otherwise reducing productivity. If you are nodding your head at the familiarity of the above office encounters, then it is time that you consider installing a window film.

Manage Office Glare In 3 Easy Ways

If you’re ready to create a happy working environment, where office glare is a thing of the past, then try any of the following three tactics. 

  1. Install Solar or RF Window Films — The beauty of solar window films are that they allow natural light to enter through office windows, while simultaneously blocking any annoying glare. With the help of a window film your employees can enjoy the view without struggling to see their monitors. The films also provide increased energy savings by reducing heat loss during the winter months, while also protecting against solar heat in the summer. For any office areas that require glare protection, as well as additional security from electronic eavesdropping, RF window films should be used to meet the most stringent of the U.S. intelligence community’s security requirements. With one simple installation you can eliminate the sun’s glare and properly secure classified information from prying eyes.Two creative millenial small business owners working on social media strategy using a digital tablet while sitting at desk.jpeg
  2. Use Shades or Blinds — Window shades or blinds offer the ideal solution for functional decor. Did you know that you can even customize roller blinds with your company’s logo for an added personalized touch to your board rooms or corporate offices? Blinds can be further customized to accommodate the position of the building, as well as the amount of sunlight that you want to filter into the office throughout the day. For a professional office feel, be sure to install motorized blinds that can easily be adjusted with the push of a button or with your remote.
  3. Design With The Sun In Mind — If the sun’s glare has become an unruly problem that is limiting office productivity, then it might be time to redesign the layout of each room. Try to position computer monitors so that employees can sit facing the windows. Conference room whiteboards should be installed directly across from any of the room’s windows to minimize the glare from sunlight. Alternatively, whiteboards can be installed with side wooden enclosures that can be positioned to block the sun. Finally, you can consider using cubicle clusters in the center of the office space to create private work environments that receive the ideal amount of filtered natural light. 

Through any of these three simple tactics you can effectively reduce annoying office glare, while simultaneously enhancing employee productivity and comfort. To discover the ideal solution for your office space, contact Signals Defense today.