Do you ever get radio frequency (RF) interference in your office building? Competing wifi, cellular services, and other types of RF interference can wreak havoc in an area with large amounts of data being sent across the RF spectrum. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has even found that in certain cases, RF interference can be caused by something as minor as lighting fixturesYet interference, while a problem in itself, also highlights the risk of a bigger problem – the security of your wifi and cellular networks.

If you look at the network application on your computer or cell phone and, like many people, see dozens of competing networks, you are at serious risk of your networks being hacked and your data compromised, or worse. According to the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division, billions of dollars are lost every year by computer and network intrusions, as demonstrated by the recent Equifax loss of 143 million Americans personal data. Even homes are subject to these kinds of attacks – wardriving and warwalking are serious threats and on the rise. So, what’s the solution to keep your networks safe, functional, and free from rampant interference?

Thankfully, there are solutions available. RF attenuation is the reduction in strength of a signal caused distance or by various types of RF Shielding. RF Shielding can be accomplished using various means and methods, such as:

  • RF window films: RF window films are clear, surface-applied window films used for RF attenuation by reflecting RF and infrared signals, as well as ultraviolet light.
  • NT radiant barrier rFoil: rFoil is heavy duty radiant barrier that not only performs the heat reflection of normal radiant barrier, but also provides RF Shielding by reflecting external RF frequencies.
  • RF paint and fabrics: RF paint and fabrics are specially formulated to provide electro-conductive coatings to protect against the intrusion of RF frequencies, and may be used both indoors and outdoors.

In the hands of experts like Signal Defense in Owing Mills, MD, these products can encase your home or office in an invisible “cocoon” of RF security. You can rest easy knowing that your wifi security is top-notch, and your building doesn’t need to look like Fort Knox.

You might ask if these products secure your office from outside interference and hacking, won’t that mean that signals cannot get out either? While it’s true that your ability to use your cellular service in the office would be compromised by RF Shielding, here again there is a solution. In-building wireless is a great way to improve the performance of your cellular service once you’ve secured the RF perimeter of your office. Wireless networks can simply be provided within the building itself, without the threat of outside interference or insecurity. Wifi networks operate on different frequencies than cellular networks, so within your RF cocoon, your phone and computers will not interfere with one another. More importantly, there will be significantly less “noise” and risk from outside your home or office.

Contact the pros at Signals Defense today for a free consultation. The company has been in business for almost 20 years and serves not only businesses and private citizens, but the most secure locations for the United States government. Since they also carry a full range of blinds, window treatments, and decorative window films, they can help you design a space that is secure, high-performing, and attractive.

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