Radiofrequency shielding, or simply RF shielding, is a specially-engineered film with an electromagnetic shield that blocks radiofrequency radiation. Installing an RF shield in an enclosed area like an office, a conference room, or a data room creates a secure space where confidential information can be stored, examined, and discussed electronically. 

How RF Shielding Works

All electronic devices emit some form of radio and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Most EMF and RF radiation are non-ionizing and low-energy – and contrary to popular belief, there’s insufficient proof that they have harmful biological effects).

Wireless technology devices like cell phones, WiFi routers, wireless headsets, speakers, remote controls, and health monitoring devices use RF energy to send and receive information. Their emissions are strong enough that receiving devices can interpret and translate the frequencies into images, audible audio, or legible texts. Although some devices can be programmed to broadcast data to a specific receiver, like when connecting Bluetooth earphones to a phone or laptop, it is possible for a third-party device to intercept and capture the signal – undetected, at times. 

Here’s where RF shielding becomes useful. Installing EMF/RF shielding film on glass walls and windows of secure rooms helps prevent accidental and intentional radiofrequency transmissions. It contains signals within the room; similarly, it blocks unwelcome frequencies from outside. 

EMF/RF shielding film can also provide infrared (IR) protection. Infrared waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Whereas RF transmits data, IR radiates heat. The additional IR protection is essential because stray IR radiation can increase heat in electronic devices. IR shielding, therefore, helps maintain a cool environment in rooms where powerful computing and data storage equipment are kept running. 

3 Uses of RF Shielding

1. Information Security

RF shields are commonly used in corporate and government settings where highly-classified materials are stored digitally and openly discussed. Industry-standard RF window shields are crucial for preventing accidental data leaks and eavesdropping on confidential discussions. Espionage is a serious matter that government agencies guard against to ensure national security. Large corporations, meanwhile, seek protection against corporate espionage as it can lead to tremendous losses – sometimes to the tune of six or more dollar figures. 


2. Network Security

RF window shields are also instrumental for people who depend on wireless technology for their everyday comforts, leisure, and work. Here’s an example: A startup leases office space in a commercial building and sets up a private wireless Internet network and uses basic cyber protection software and firewalls. Their IT team then creates a password-protected WiFi network for guests and visitors who may need to connect to the Internet. Later, they discover that someone from somewhere in the building has hacked into their guest network and consumed their bandwidth for free.  


The startup can address this problem by keeping their guest network hidden, improving cybersecurity against router hacking, and installing RF window shields. The electromagnetic shields in the window film can block the WiFi signal and keep it contained within the office premises. This multi-faceted approach to network security may seem extensive for a startup. Still, when you’re expanding a business with immense growth potential, you need to protect yourself from threats that can cause more damage than WiFi password hackers.  


3. Privacy

RF window shields offer practical and aesthetic benefits besides EMF/RF shielding. These films have dark-tinted varieties that lend additional security as they help conceal people congregating to discuss confidential information in secure conference rooms and offices. In addition, when applied to exterior glass walls and windows, they offer visual cover instead of curtains or blinds.


Get a Full Suite of RF Shielding Technology from Signals Defense

Signals Defense can help protect your sensitive information housed in offices or entire buildings to secure against potential eavesdroppers and spies. We offer a complete RF window shielding technology suite for corporate, government, and commercial clients. Our products set the industry standard for information security: US government agencies that deal with highly classified materials use our RF window shields to secure their buildings.  

Signals Defense window films meet the Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 TEMPEST requirements and the Department of Defense’s IR/FR Emanation Protection Standards. They are tried, tested, and proven effective for blocking EMF/RF signals, preventing electronic eavesdropping and electronic data theft.  

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