Do you have spaces where your company’s most sensitive information is stored and/or processed? If the answer is “yes”, then how are you protecting these areas? Are these spaces monitored in any way? Who has access to them? Are they secure? If your answer is again “yes,” then it’s possible you have a SCIF or some version of a secure working environment protecting this critical information. SCIF stands for “sensitive compartmented information facility.” Essentially, it’s a secure room or data center where sensitive or confidential information can be quickly reviewed and/or discussed with a minimal risk of interference or interception from the outside world. Any secure work environment or SCIF-like space can come in all shapes and sizes, from small temporary rooms to full-size buildings and campuses. 

Does Your IT Security Address Radio Frequency Or Wireless Threats?

Before you can answer this question, you need to determine how secure the data behind your walls really is, or if it requires additional protection due to radio frequency vulnerabilities. Odds are, your electronic and sensitive information might include:

  • Employee Records
  • Patented and Proprietary Information
  • Corporate Trade Secrets
  • Medical Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Financial Data
  • Merger & Acquisition Plans

While the best known SCIFs are associated with the behind-the-scenes duties of high-level government officials, they can serve a purpose in any commercial business or office where any data slips could lead to dire consequences. And while government officials may be safeguarding information from foreign intelligence and the public with their secure spaces, it can behoove many offices to protect their data from hackers, especially when you consider that today’s cyber thieves can access data via wireless networks and other smart technologies.  So if your office has a room or area where confidential data is stored, check to see just how secure that room is. Chances are, it’s still prone to a data breach. Do you need an improvement to your office security or data security? 

Signals Defense Films Protect RF Data Loss

Why Wireless Protection Matters

Devices around the office that emit RF or IR signals, such as microphones, phones, wireless networks and more, can potentially pose a security issue, especially when you consider that the signal emitted often extends well beyond the walls of the office it’s coming from. Hence, any wrongdoer outside of a facility can potentially intercept these signals and use it to infiltrate data systems. It’s why it’s important to not just take physical security seriously in an office setting, but wireless security too. No SCIF is complete without it. As today’s world becomes increasingly more wireless and connected, you should consider new and highly effective ways to minimize the risk of major data loss. 

Every industry safeguards it’s intellectual property, trade secrets, and other information for it’s competitive edge.  As this information gets more virtual, the shielded SCIF-like environment and other counter-measures should be included in your facility’s security plans.

The experts at Signals Defense can work with you and your security team to design and build rooms within your facility that can protect your most important assets.