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Creating a Secure Workplace: The Impact on Employee Well-being and Productivity

Studies show that a safe, happy workplace is also a more productive workplace.

However, according to a global report from Gallup, only about one-third of employee’s report that they’re “thriving” when it comes to well-being. In fact, the same report indicates that more than 40 percent of employees report that they regularly experience on-the-job stress.

While efforts to enhance well-being programs are one thing, there’s another key factor that’s proven to contribute to better workplace happiness: safety. In this post, we’ll further explain how a secure workspace is a happy workspace – and many of the other benefits that can come from it. We’ll also share some of the solutions to enhance any office’s physical and digital security. Read on to learn more:

The Connection Between Safety and Employee Well-Being

From stress reduction to enhanced productivity, here’s a look at some of the key benefits of a safer overall workplace.

Stress Reduction

While you may not be able to completely eliminate stress from a work environment, you can take measures to reduce it where you can. And one way to reduce stress levels is to enhance safety. When employees have the peace of mind that a workplace is a safe one, they’re then better able to focus on their job – and not worry about any other intangibles that could impact them. This added sense of security can go a long way toward a happier and less stressful workplace.

Morale Boosting

Safe employees tend to be happier ones. And a happy workplace tends to be a more productive workplace (more on this later). When employees know they’re safe in the workplace, it leads to an improved overall relationship between the worker and the employer. This can help with more than just facilitating a positive environment, but also aids in worker retention and attracting new top talent.

Benefits to Mental Health

People often feel anxious when they don’t feel safe. Feeling a sense of security in their surroundings can go a long way toward promoting a positive peace of mind.

Enhanced Productivity and Team Collaboration

According to a study by the University of Oxford, happy workers are about 13 percent more productive compared to workers who aren’t happy. Making the effort to better protect the work environment has far-reaching benefits for a business. In addition to reducing anxiety and improving mental health, it can also directly impact a firm’s bottom line.

Safety Measures to Implement

As we said in the opening, both physical and digital security should be taken seriously when it comes to overall safety. And while physical security solutions tend to be more obvious to implement, many businesses overlook the digital solutions that can help safeguard data and confidential information. Digital theft and data leaks may stem from electronic eavesdropping, often via RF signals. That’s why RF protection can serve as an important safety accessory to prevent unwanted system infiltration and data theft.

Some solutions to implement to prevent data theft include:

  • RF shielding films: These films are installed on windows and prevent any RF signals that stem from office electronic equipment from emanating beyond the building. The films are easy to install and remove and don’t impact the aesthetic of the window or indoor environment. Many films also offer value-added benefits, such as blast protection and the reduction of solar glare. 

  • Foils: RF shielding foils can be installed on walls, ceilings, and floors. 

  • Window treatments: Most people associate window treatments like blinds and drapes with keeping the sun out of rooms and reducing solar glare. But these solutions also help maintain privacy in an office setting and can help prevent peeping from any curious bystanders.

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