Data theft is a serious threat for many businesses in today’s electronic age, yet most companies likely aren’t taking the precautions that they should be to safeguard themselves from it. While buildings are often outfitted with security systems to ward off physical intruders, those of the virtual variety are just as important to prepare for. Here’s a closer look at some of the many benefits of window films as it pertains to safeguarding operations:

Reduce RF Footprint

Whether it’s a printer, cell phone, computer or Wi-Fi network, the radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR) and Bluetooth signals have a tendency to travel well beyond just the confines of a particular office. In fact, they can “leak” through the windows and walls to the outside world, where someone may be unknowingly eavesdropping on them in a ploy to swipe confidential information and infiltrate systems. A quality shielding window film works to essentially reel in the RF footprint so that signals don’t extend beyond the building they’re originating from, thereby greatly minimizing the risk of a data breach.

Prevent Others from Using Your Wi-Fi

It’s one thing to have employees or guests access a Wi-Fi network. But it can be problematic when someone you haven’t granted network access to is using it – and potentially infiltrating it. Wi-Fi networks have a range, but it’s not uncommon for the signal to extend beyond a building to the immediate surrounding area. In your home for instance, there’s a good chance that you’re able to access your own Wi-Fi network from your yard or from several houses away. The same is often true of a business Wi-Fi network as well. Using films will help keep the Wi-Fi range confined to the particular building’s confines so that only those you want accessing it are able to access it.

Mitigate RF and IR

RF signal hacking isn’t the only source of electronic data theft. Infrared, or IR, signals also pose a threat as well. These signals may emanate from the likes of handsets, receivers and more. Similar to RF signals, IR signals may extend beyond the walls of a business, providing ample opportunity for hackers to eavesdrop on them and swipe confidential data. It’s just as important to prevent these signals from getting out as it is RF signals. SD Window Films

Glass Fragment Protection

Protecting a network from a data breach isn’t the only benefit of shielding films. In fact, films are also made for glass fragment protection in the event that an individual tries to forcibly enter a particular property. Instead of glass shattering in pieces, these safety films will help hold the glass in place after it’s broken, thereby slowing any intrusion by making access more difficult. In addition to a physical breach of property, these glass fragmentation films help secure properties from inclement weather or natural disasters. There’s also ballistic laminates, which are designed to prevent bullets from handguns, rifles and shotguns from breaking glass.

Reduce Utility Costs

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that up to 75 percent of all windows aren’t energy efficient, which can lead to excess money spent on utility costs each year. When you take into consideration the fact that energy costs account for about 30 percent of a building’s operating costs, an improvement to window efficiency should become a key area of focus. Films can help windows become more energy efficient, potentially offering a savings of up to 15 percent. Aside from an initial savings, there’s also the reduced wear and tear on the HVAC system, which should help extend its functional life.

UV/Solar Protection

While it’s important for any property to receive natural daylight, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can do a number over time on carpet and flooring, furniture and other appliances and decor in an office. Excessive UV ray exposure also has health consequences, specifically when it comes to skin damage and skin cancer. Window films can help. Today, there are window films with solar control, which are designed to reduce solar heat and prevent UV rays from entering a property, while still allowing in the same amount of natural light. These films can be added at a fraction of the cost of full window replacement. Window films should be installed by professionals, but they are also affordable and – most important – effective in safeguarding a property from outside threats. For more information on the benefits and variety of patented window films SD (aka Signals Defense) offers, contact us today.