Here is yet another article to your long reading list of ways to improve your security!

Although, I think this one may come from a unique and slightly different angle than you may have previously thought about relative to data security.

The Government has long known about a threat they coined TEMPEST. This is the unintended emanation of RF energy that is created by virtually all electronic equipment. Electronic communications devices are no exception and they can be the source of a security risk. Through the use of a remote receiver, those emanations can be captured and some or all of the originally intended communications can be recreated.

For example, from a projector in a board room that is showing a PowerPoint presentation of your upcoming acquisition target, the images can be captured from a distant space outside your building.

Additionally, with the amazing growth of wireless control systems and proliferation of wireless access points, your WiFi and Bluetooth signals may also be captured remotely and with a sophisticated password cracker can be hacked rather easily by professionals. That is assuming you have locked down your WiFi with a secure password to begin with!

Here are 5 ways to make your RF environment more safe.

  1. Use directional Wireless Access Points. (pointed internally)
  2. Tune your access points to the lowest, yet most optimum power settings
  3. Employ RF shielding materials in your building, i.e. RF window film such as SD1000
  4. Take extra precaution in spaces that process sensitive information, such as boardrooms and data processing centers
  5. Evaluate your neighbors space for possible areas that can be used for remote detection

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