Physical security is important for any business. After all, you don’t want anyone without warranted access rummaging through your data, files, equipment and other confidential information that makes your business tick, especially when theft could lead to business interruption, lost clients and lost revenue. And at the same time, you want to keep your employees safe from potential thieves or other threats. It’s why every commercial entity should take physical security very seriously – and physical security all starts with the doors and windows. Door and windows also happen to be among the weakest points of any facility, even more reason to reinforce them accordingly.

Here’s a closer look at some of the essentials to door and window security and how they can help keep your building safer from various threats:

5 Essentials to Door Security

  1. Window Safety Films: If your business has a glass door or lots of windows, then outfitting them accordingly with window safety film should be a top priority. These films are applied to the glass surface itself, offering a strong barrier to prevent it from shattering upon impact. These safety films have ideal transparency and are available in a range of varieties (i.e., solar, RF/IR) to cater to various environments and situations. Window safety films aren’t just an important security measure to prevent theft and vandalism, but should also be considered by facilities in areas vulnerable to severe weather and natural disasters.
  2. Ballistic Glass: Ballistic glass, or bullet-proof glass, is an ideal option to help prevent theft and forced entry to your business. Ballistic glass isn’t just for windows though, it can also be outfitted to glass doors to comply with current standards. It’s ideal for high-profile locations or any business that wants to enhance its physical security.
  3. Quality Locks: Locks are obviously important when it comes to door security, but does your business have its entry points outfitted with the appropriate type of lock? For the best commercial locks, be sure to select models with a Grade 1 rating, which signifies a lock designed to withstand heavy use and offer more security. Grade 2 and Grade 3 locks are other types that are offered, but they’re more designed for residential doors. Don’t forget about quality window locks either.
  4. High-Quality Door: In addition to a quality lock, you’ll also need a quality door. Doors these days are available in a variety of materials – from wood to metal to fiberglass. Regardless of the material you prefer, it’s crucial to make sure that the door is kick proof and solidly built. We’d recommend making sure that your entry points are outfitted with doors with a steel or wooden core. When it comes to doors, it’s a case of the sturdier the better.
  5. Security Cameras: We’d recommend having “eyes” on all of your entry points to a business. You might even place a sign on every door or select windows that states how the facility is video monitored. These practices can also serve as a big deterrent to potential theft, as there’s a reminder for potential burglars that their actions will be recorded on video.


When it comes to building security, it’s also better to be proactive rather than reactive. Putting in the effort to make your building’s doors and windows more secure today can go a long way toward avoiding theft as well as damage from severe weather and natural disasters. For more information on how to enhance the security of your building’s doors and windows, contact us today.