Choosing the right RF/IR window shielding

The emissions that come from office equipment like computers, phones, smart devices, and data recorders are considered non-ionizing radiation. Every office will emit this non-ionizing radiation – and that’s part of the problem with it. If emissions reach too far outside of an office’s walls, it could pose a major security risk for businesses – damaging their credibility and their bottom line. And that’s why EMF shielding for your office is important. 

Any device that uses electricity and both natural and manufactured light sources (i.e., the sun, lightbulbs, computer screens, etc.) is going to generate RF, or radio frequency, emissions. RF radiation is part of the broad spectrum of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs.

In this post, we’ll further discuss the security benefits of RF and EMF shielding films and other reasons why these products make sense for your office:

Key Benefits of Protecting Your Office Space with RF Shielding Film

1. Safeguard Confidential Data

As we said in the opening, if RF emissions reach beyond an office’s walls, they could be susceptible to intrusion. Cyber crooks can use RF signals to hack WiFi systems and wireless networks, and even eavesdrop on a business by wiretapping secure radio frequencies. RF window films significantly weaken RF and IR (infrared) emissions to safeguard confidential information.

2. Keep Electronic Devices Working Properly

Signal interference is another major problem associated with electronics. That is, if there are too many devices in an office – or in a part of the office – they could all be essentially crossing their signals, thereby hampering their effectiveness. That’s another big benefit of RF shielding. The outer-most windows of a building or office are hardly the only ideal application. They can also be placed on office room windows to help keep electronic signals better isolated and prevent interference.

3. Conserve Energy

RF window films also come with a variety of value-added benefits. For example, they can help block out sunlight and offer better temperature control in an office at all times of the year. This can also save energy and reduce utility costs.

4. Improve Office Comfort

As we mentioned in the previous point, window films can help block out unwanted sunlight. And as they block sunlight, they can also reduce glare and the impact of UV rays. UV rays specifically have the potential to discolor furniture and furnishings. They may also damage equipment over time.

RF window films also offer glass fragmentation and spall control during blast events, offering a key safety feature should the unthinkable occur.

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As you can see, installing RF shielding film makes sense – and for a variety of reasons. At Signals Defense, we set the industry standard on window films that weaken RF and IR emissions, while also offering a variety of other value-added benefits. We’re also a leading distributor of safety, solar and decorative window films from industry-leading manufacturers like Llumar, Solyx and 3M.

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